Monday, April 26, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Another Monday, another Meal Plan :o)

Here is what is on the Cooley Menu this week.

Grilled Hamburgers / Fruit / French Fries
Hamburger Gravy over rice / Edamame
Italian Smothered Steak / Salad
Grilled Chicken / Roasted Potato / Salad

...and a predicament I was having. I haven't posted any new recipes because I have been doing such simple meals. I thought, "I don't need to post that spaghetti recipe, it's a total no-brainer to make.".. however, Josh informed me that even if they are simple recipes I should still include them in the, what will eventually be "family cookbook", because the boys won't know exactly how to make that super simple grilled chicken we do. So, I'll be back to posting recipes...even if they are super simple, non original, and to me a total no-brainer.

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