Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cheesy Chicken Skillet

Here is another super easy meal to throw together. Really economical too, we always have left overs that Josh usually takes to lunch with him. I'm doing lots of economical meals right now since I'm trying to stock up our outdoor freezer and save money for when I'm off work with Jacob.

Whatcha Need...
1 lb chicken (cut into bite sized pieces)
2 cups of pasta
1 1/4 cups salsa
1 cup corn (I would add a bell pepper too, but Josh and Justin dislike them.)
1 cup shredded Mexican cheese (didn't make it in the picture)

Whatcha do with it all...
Cook the 2 cups pasta

While the pasta is cooking cook chicken in big skillet, season with salt, pepper and McCormick Hamburger seasoning. Cook about 10 minutes or until chicken is done.

Add the 1 1/4 cup mild salsa and 1 cup of corn to the cooked chicken

Drain cooked pasta and add to chicken, salsa, corn mixture.

Stir in one cup of shredded cheese

This is whatcha get...
A yummy, quick, and filling dinner. Pretty healthful, not one of the best though. I know it's under 500 calories a serving though, because I rarely make anything that's over 500 cal a serving.

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