Sunday, January 3, 2010

Meal Plan Monday

Ok, here it goes. I had to do some of my favorite spicy dishes this week, in case Baby Jacob decides to make his appearance. I usually try to eat pretty bland the first two weeks while I have a newborn in case they have a sensitive tummy and have gas. I don't want to add to their pain since I nurse my babies.

The day we brought Justin home from the hospital our family ordered Round Table Pizza and I ate some pepperoni pizza and some garlic twists. My poor baby was up all night with stomach pains. I didn't know what the heck was going on since it was my first baby, but I soon realized that Justin had a sensitive stomach and I had to watch what I passing to him through my breast milk. Spicy food gave him the worst gas, as did garlic. It was a long 6 months before his stomach toughened up and I could eat spicy food again.

The day we brought Jackson home from the hospital we ordered Subway, lol. I didn't want a repeat of Justin. Although, I would soon come to find that Jackson had a tough tummy from the beginning and I was able to eat whatever without much reaction from him. If I ate really acidic food he would act up a little, but nothing like my Bean.

So, the fear of bringing home a baby with stomach issues is in the back of my head and I know that I may have to eat more bland if this little guy also has stomach sensitivities so I added some of my spicy favorites this week in case it's the last time I have them for awhile.

I usually plan on making four meals a week. Two nights a week we usually fend for ourselves and I always have a stock of frozen burritos, ramen, canned soup, sandwich fixins, frozen pizza, mac-n-cheese, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, or salad for us to choose from, and then one night a week is usually a left over night or if Josh and I are lucky we get out together.

Pork Chops / Stuffing / Vegi (Didn't get to this last week.)
Chili (Recipe Here) / Cheese Bread (Recipe Here)
Taco Dip (Recipe Here)
Complete Chicken Dinner in the Crock pot (Recipe Here)

Check back later in the week for recipes and for more ideas on meal planning visit

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